Boba- Micro sheets
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Boba- Micro sheets

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Boba micro sheets can be purchased either as a bundle or individually! Sheets are sized for the micro happy planner :) 

Sheet 1- Cuteas- 21 stickers with side washi strip! 

Sheet 2- Bowbas- 15 bow-ba stickers with side washi strip!

Sheet 3- Besteas- 12 stickers with side washi strip! 

Jenna and her magical friend Wendy have joined creative powers for a short while to create this collab! And as much as we would love to keep this forever it is only available for a limited time, and any artwork created by Wendy remains her property. The following copyright notice does not claim any rights to any artwork containing Wendy's drawings or the logo for Frank Hearts You.Please visit Wendy of Frank Hearts You to check out her items as well! 

©Jennifer Wilson 2020

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