Oops Mega Bags!
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Oops Mega Bags!

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While I would love to say that everything here at unicorn headquarters goes 100% all the time, its just doesn't. That includes our cutters messing up from time to time, and when they do we cuss and yell and salvage what we can. Sometimes the color barfer (printer) also decides it has had enough and likes to leave lines and sometimes put purple where we said green -_-. But heres where you come in, you can buy these little bags of our frustration at a major discount and use them to make your planner, scrapbook, or random persons bumper pretty. 


A large cellophane bag stuffed with all sorts of oops things, paper, kits, die cuts, post its, etc.  **Cannot guarantee there will not be duplicates, seasonal items may be included! **

**Not available for Write me a Letter Shipping Option**

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